June 20, 2012

Men Who Really Care About Boys

With the next few posts, it's my intention to off-set the damage being done by the publicity currently being given to one serial pedophile by the news media. I want to continue to identify and honor some of the very good men, who against tremendous barriers, have found it in their hearts to stand up and care for young males. If you feel the same way, PLEASE HELP, by sharing these stories.

This could be a very long list!

Here is one great example of good men working for their communities and with inner-city kids:

Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder

MAD DADS, Inc. was started in 1989 by a group of concerned, African-American men and parents in Omaha, Nebraska. Today it's spreading across the country. In each case, the men involved are fed up with the prevalence of violence and the unhindered flow of illegal drugs in their community. As the Minneapolis MAD DADS website states, this initiative, started out of pain, the pain of children dying in the streets of their own communities. They were, and still are, tired of looking into the hollow eyes of youth who lack hope, and who have ceased to dream. This statement continues with the most powerful expression of men's responsibility for boys I have read anywhere: These men realized that they could hold no one responsible for this but themselves; they had allowed this to happen.

While their are many forces leading young males toward gang violence and crime, the men of Minneapolis MAD DADS were clear they were a piece of the answer and decided to show up for the young males.

If you don't see the video clip, use this link.

On the amazing list of services on the Minneapolis MAD DADS website, you'll see all the ways men are stepping into action in the areas of Men's Empowerment, Youth Development, Crime Prevention (including street patrols 3 times a week), Community Building, and they even have a Mom's Division.

If you want to see what inner-city men are able do do for their community, Minneapolis MAD DADS is a powerful example.

If you don't see the video clip, use this link.

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