June 17, 2012

An UN-Father's Day Message

Fathers can be the most potent, boy-civilizing, man-making force on the planet.

It's just that too many boys have no father, or no good father around.

In the last post I mentioned some of the work being done by good men from the centers of Boys to Men International, (B2MI). Just in time for this Father's Day, the guys at B2MI have come out with a very powerful reminder of what Father's Day means to young males who don't have one.

If you're ready for a very different message about Father's Day, from the boys who don't have one, click this link.

WARNING: It may bring you to tears.

If you want to do something different this year to really honor Father's Day, resolve to do something in the near future to make a difference in the life of any young male not lucky enough to have a dad.

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