January 12, 2005

Rites of Passage for "civilizing" our boys

Some books on this topic take my breath away. Crossroads: The Quest for Contemporary Rites of Passage is one of them.

If you're only going to get one book on this topic, this would be the one.

Crossroads is a rich and fascinating collection of over fifty writings relating to the current challenges of civilizing our boys through rites of passage and the resulting sense of inclusion, purpose, sense of responsibility, and new identity that can result when these events work. The collection draws on ancient practices and current experience from different cultures from around the world. We also get the benefit of contemporary thought on the value of rites of passage from leading psychologists, anthropologists, social and religious leaders, medical professionals, educators, and even parents.

Perhaps Crossroads will become a decision point in your life.

Crossroads: The Quest for Contemporary Rites of Passage by Louise Carus Mahdi, Nancy Geyer Christopher, and Michael Meade, Editors, Open Court, Second Printing October 1998, ISBN 0-8126-9190-3

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