January 25, 2005

YOUR Passage to Manhood

On the Journey To Manhood website, I've been asking men a series of questions about their transition from boyhood to manhood. The responses take my breath away. They also provide a facinating glimpse into the modern male psyche. Question 14 is just below. See what it conjurs up in you.

RITES OF PASSAGE: Ritual, ceremony, and people gathering around a boy to mark his natural life transitions can be enormously helpful. These events help a boy know he's on the right track, making progress and is approved of by his family and/or his community. The absence of these events contributes to a boy feeling lost, alone, and unsure about his direction in life.

What did you experience?

Did your "tribe" gather around you in any meaningful way?

What Rite of Passage experiences, formal or informal, positive or negative, do you remember on your journey to manhood?

You can reply here or go to the website, read other men's responses, and share yours, if you're inclined.

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