February 6, 2005

Boy's & Men's Sexual Health

"Boys and men have been left out in our efforts to improve sexual and reproductive health."

Just one of the ways our boys are left ill-equipped for manhood is the lack of guidance around their sexuality. This article from bmj.com, a general medical journal website from the UK, is promoting the idea that in a world that largely focuses on women's fertility and sexual health, boys and men are terribly under-informed. They say, "the few services provided for boys seem not to help." One of the many studies they cite in this web article says, "Boys consulted by the Sex Education Forum said that their formal sex education is "too little, too late, too biological" and that it fails to prepare them to deal with sexual relationships, contraception, abortion, and their sexual identity."

They present a solid, 3-part answer to this problem. One small part of which is encouraging the, "practicing condom use during masturbation." You'll have to read the short article to figure that one out.

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