February 8, 2005

Why Men Don't

This is an article (downloadable PDF) I've written exploring the fears, concerns, and vulnerabilities men expressed in my research, that keep them from showing up for the many under-male-nourished boys around them.

Some of the fears are appropriate, such as their concern about the sick norm in our culture that causes people to raise an eyebrow when an adult male shows interest in mentoring boys. This is just one of the barriers to be overcome, and why courage will be necessary if men are going to ever show up for the boys.

I'd be interested in your feedback, here or on the website. If your an adult male and you're not mentoring a boy or boys, what are your fears and concerns.

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  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I'm sad to day this article describes me and too many of the men I know. You nailed it.


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