February 9, 2005

Urban Boat Builders

"Urban Boatbuilders, Inc. or (UBI) is a non-profit resource for youth to develop life skills through the building and use of small boats."

This group in St. Paul, MN, has put together a great boy-man organization. Boy intimacy is very much side-by-side, and if you mix in tools, building boats, and learning boating on water skills, you have a great formula for mentoring and positive role modeling for young guys.

"Since 1996, we have worked with more than 1,200 youth who have completed 100 boats. More than 300 youth have been introduced to an on-the-water experience in a boat built with their own hands." A big YES to this organization and other like it.

Do you have a hobby or interest like this you could use for mentoring the boys around you? I have little doubt that if you are passionate about your interest, there are a half-dozen boys with in 5 miles who would be too.

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