June 4, 2010

A Feather, a Pipe and a Kicking Broom

A Feather, a Pipe and a Kicking Broom, by Michelle Arbaugh is, in my opinion, a perfect boy adventure book that will easily keep the attention of today’s young males. It offers a compelling adventure story based in Native American experience of the 1800s. With historically accurate details, the book explores many of the traditions and sacred values of tribal life in the days of open plains and bison herds. In the story are rich descriptions of rite of passage challenges and the training Native American boys were required to undergo in order to become warriors.

The book has a ten-year-old main character, some great humor, and it touches on the life events common to boys of that age. The book launches with our hero trying to cope with the loss of his best friend Zella and rolls right into a bullying incident. As the drama of the story unfolds, the author subtly delivers’ important life lessons about very contemporary issues such as discrimination, fitting in, personal insecurities, loss of friends, and the need to discover and honor your gifts and talents.

The book’s easy-to-read story is packed with humor, building mystery and excitement, and it’s all done in comfortable language for any young man. I especially love how the book avoids mention of TV, computers, combat, or any of the digital distractions that can so fill a young man’s life. This is a book that fully engages a boy’s imagination, and that is a very good thing.

If you want a great book to read in segments to a pack of boys, or for occupying some of a young man's summer hours, A Feather, a Pipe and a Kicking Broom would be a very good choice.

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