June 15, 2010

The Good Men Project Magazine - On Dads

The Good Men Project is a book, a movie, and a collection of web resources that are all supporting a national discussion about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. To that incredible mix they have added The Good Men Project Magazine. It’s a cross-platform, multi-media destination featuring solid writing about parenting, sex, relationships, identity, ethics, humor, and health. On the site currently is an excerpt from John Badalament’s new book, The Modern Dad's Dilemma. In that rich article Badalament has included a couple of what he calls, How to Be a Good Dad Exercises from his book. Challenging inventories for any father.

The special Good Men Project Magazine's Father's Day issue will go live on June 16th and it’s packed with man-making content. You will be able to read an article describing how a father and son learn to reconnect after the father’s mistaken 26 year prison sentence. There are excerpts from Will Leitch’s new book, Are We Winning? Fathers, Sons, and the Great Game in the New Century, and Good Men Project founder Tom Matlack asks famous men—from athletes to writers—to describe their fathers in two words. In an attempt to answer the question, What do fathers look like?, you will see an amazing collection of 100 photos of fathers — one per year from the last century. And that is all just for starters.

I am amazed at what the good folks at The Good Men Project have created and more than a little in awe of the positive force they are in defining manhood in today’s world.

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