June 9, 2010

YOU can staff the YMAW!

One of my favorite Rite of Passage weekend models for men and boys is the YMAW, or Young Men’s Adventure Weekend, held near Vancouver, British Columbia, this July 16th -18th.

Imagine a calm beautiful shoreline, with crystal clear water, in a pristine Canadian wilderness. This tranquil setting will be invaded by 50 dedicated men and 70 or 80 energetic young males, 12- 17 years old. They will all have the intention of enjoying nature and having an enormous amount of fun. Along the way, the men will also be teaching the young guys some very important lessons about manhood. It’s a certain life-changing experience, and they want YOU to staff the weekend with them!

These YMAW men have been man-making in this way for the last 20 years and really know how to put on a righteous weekend. If you want a little taste, sit down, take a deep breath, and click this link for a truly inspirational video about how the weekend works. I guarantee that at the end of the clip both you and the boy in you will be hungering to be in Vancouver in July.

Here are links to some additional photos and the YMAW website where more information is available.

If you’d like to be an “outlander” staff man on the weekend, want a great get away for you and a young man in your life, or are ready to learn how to put on a program like YMAW in your part of the world, contact Brad Leslie at bradleslie@telus.net or call him at 800 663 2723. All the sign up forms are at this link.

If you hurry, there is still time to sign up 
to staff this year’s YMAW!

If the clip above is not available, use this link.

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